The Debaptism of Edward Davies, Mitt Romney’s Father-in-law

There is an interesting, and frankly creepy, story of Mitt Romney’s infiltration and conversion of his wife’s family in this Gawker article: Did Mitt Romney Convert His Dead Atheist Father-in-Law to Mormonism?

The article portray’s Edward Davies as a “committed atheist”.  A man who refused to have his children raised religiously. We at enjoy stories of parents standing up for the minds of their children and not wishing to have them indoctrinated before they can ever decide for themselves.

It’s sad that all the Davies children eventually converted to Mormanism.  According to the article, Morman Missionaries seem to work very hard at getting to these people and bringing them into their fantasy world.  Yet, the father remained an atheist to the end, likely saddened and disappointed in his offspring.

Now, the Mormans are known for posthumously baptizing family members into the faith, so it’s possible (even likely) that Edward Davies has already had this indignity placed upon him.

So, to honor a fellow freethinker, The Debaptist Church officially Debaptizes Edward Davies.

–Rev Wubby, Debaptist Church




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