Apostasy, Debaptism and church

Apostasy has a powerful negative connotation among believers.  In ancient times it was a charge that brought with it a fear for ones life.  It meant dishonor, exile and death.

I am an apostate. I have committed apostasy.

In rejected the faith I once held I have not simply turned my back on childish ideas and ways but I have embraced a new world and a new future.  I have now seen a bright new beginning where once I thought only despair could exist.

Everyone should see it.

The Debaptist Church is now the world’s first Apostatic Church. Our mission is to spread apostasy to as many people as we can. We wish to Apostatylize (to coin a term) to the world the importance, power and morality of truth and to disabuse the world of it’s unjustified beliefs.  We want people to seek real truth.  The kind that seems only to be won with hard work and honest inquiry.

We are not the first to have come up with this idea.  The Church of Reality has been promoting realism, science and honest inquiry as a church for a few years now. While we agree with many of their ideas and feel a common cause with them, as a church we wish to focus on helping people to rid themselves of bad beliefs as a key to helping them accept true ones.

Our other focus is on Debaptism. We feel strongly that we provide people who are fully committed to leaving their old failed ideas behind them to mark the occasion with a positive, life affirming ceremony to mark their journey into that bright new beginning.

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