Infant Debaptism

On an all to regular basis, we are are proud and saddened that we have to perform an infant debaptism.  All too often a parent will be compelled by those around them to allow a baptism.  A parent may console themselves about the not-so-subtle emotional coercion used against them by rationalizing that the ritual is empty and without real meaning.  This is a good coping mechanism and we are happy a parent can feel this way, but unfortunately it may not be enough.

As a ritual, baptism often marks a person as a part of an “IN” group.  This group membership, far form being loving, often comes with some very real expectations, mostly of maintaining the membership.  In religion, this is in the form of professing a belief.  While the act of putting water on a child’s head and mumbling a few words can seem harmless, it creates an atmosphere of that expectation, one that the child quickly assumes is proper.  This is part of a strategy by religion of indoctrinating and inculcating the young, uncritical mind and of giving any adult the permission to assume the role of executing this strategy.

Debaptism give you back some of the power to remove that permission.  It allows you the opportunity to tell another adult that in fact the child is NOT part of their in-group.  It allows you to tell the child that they have the right to question what they are being told.

It asks people to care for your child, not his soul.

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