Welcome to Debaptized.com

Debaptized.com is commited to providing all it's visitors with information about debaptism.  You can learn what debaptism is, why it's important and how to become debaptized.  You can find links to the left, including the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Contact information, and our Blog

At the top of the site you will see 3 tabs: Debaptize Me, Debaptize Someone and Debaptized People.

Debaptize Me is a form where you can request you very own debaptism.  It's easy, costs nothing and included a printable certificate, suitable for framing!

Debaptize Someone is another form for you to request that another person be Debaptized.  Our Trained and Ordained Debaptizors can perform a special rite to debaptize anyone, whether they are living or dead.

Debaptized People is our list of famous people who have been debaptized by our Debaptizors.  These are special historical or important figures who have had their souls emancipated for all eternity.  We are proud to have served them!

You can also call our VoiceMail line and request a debaptism or leave a comment, suggestion or special message for our Trained and Ordained Debaptizors(tm).

So, get familiar with the site, learn what we're about, and decide if you would like to join us in being truely free, because you too can be: