Information Use Policies wants to assure all it's visitors that we respect your privacy rights. To that end we have created this simple policy concerning the information you may choose to send us. This policy addresses several different types of information and the ways we manage and use it.

  • Basic connection information: as a site visitor, your browsing of our site will leave some information about your internet connection and browser. This information is only ever used for internal purposes, such as user statistics. We do not share this information, unless where compelled by law, and then only as little as necessary to comply.
  • Personal Data: This site provides several services tailored to individual users. This information is only ever used for those specific purposes. This information may include Name, Email Address and Locations. This information is never sold, rented, traded or given away. It is kept private and secure. This privacy is considered as a separate service to our users. Some usere may not wish to have others know that they have used our services, so we ASSUME this is the case for all users.
  • Non-Personal Data: Users may also send requests, questions, and comments that are NOT considered personal or private. Those methods for accepting that data are typically indicated or understood not to be private or personal. Web-site comments, or email questions of web-site and mission issues should be considered NOT PRIVATE, but any identifying information in those messages would be, unless were legal and safety concerns are present (threats, illegal activity, etc)