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Religious Information

Baptism is the ritual cleansing of sins.  Typically administrered to infants shortly after birth (without their consent) to remove Original Sin, of which they are guilty before even breathing.

Believer's Baptism and/or Anabaptism is a symbolic ritual of commitment, or in sympathy with Jesus' resurrection. It is used as a entry to church communities or in order to achieve a state of "Born Again".

Original Sin is an hereditary sin.  It is a sin of which all are guilty by having had ancestors who committed a particular sin.  Despite no have actually committed the transgression yourself, you are nonetheless still required to be punished for it.

Having to pay for crimes you do not commit is a human right violation.

The Rite of Debaptism is a secret and powerful ceremony that removes and counters the rites of baptism. This ritual can only be performed by trained and ordained Debaptizors, and is an eternal and irrevocable Rite.

A soul is a thing that, despite being both invisible and undetectable, is considered more important than a living person's happiness, well being and very life. This morally bankrupt viewpoint leads to the devaluing of human life and the reliance on an imaginary afterlife to give meaning to people's lives.

While slightly less heinous then infant baptism, it still presupposes a god who cares more about your soul than your life and happiness. Whether a symbol of resurrection or a commitment to a creed it still requires obeisance to worldview that prizes correct thinking over positive behavior. Debaptism can provide a new symbolism and ritual to ease you away from this morally empty worldview.

Technically, no. Just like you can't open a box that doesn't have a lid, you can't remove a baptism that hasn't been performed. But, like all good religious doctrine, there is a loophole.

If a debaptism is performed on a person that has not been baptized, it will create a sort of "baptism debt". In mathematical terms, an unbaptized person would have a baptism state of 0. If that person was debaptized, they would become -1 baptized. It would require 2 baptism to then equal a baptism state of 1.

This is why we may perform debaptisms on people who have never been baptised.

Site Information

We are hoping to give people something to think about. Whether you agree with our ideas or not, we feel it is vitally important that people understand all of the beliefs they hold. We aren't so much concerned with you coming away from our site informed as we want you to leave thinking!

If you think we have that ability, we're flattered!

We don't think anyone goes to hell, nor do we think we have the power to send anyone there. Words and ceremony only have the significance we assign them and souls are imaginary. Our ceremony is just as symbolic and pretend as your original baptism was.

The Mormon church has been baptizing the dead for many years. "Baptism for the Dead", Vicarious Baptism or Proxy Baptism is a ceremony where a living person will stand-in for a dead one, and be baptized into the Mormon faith. Many people have become Mormons this way long after they have been dead. It is the origin of their fascination with genealogies.

In addition, many religions baptize children long before an age where they could consent and agree to it. Most are indoctrinated to not fully understand it or to never question it.

It is our belief that the symbol and truth of Debaptism can be made not just for the dead, but for the living as will. Our Debaptizors are trained to seek the soul of all and are empowered to debaptize it through their ordination.

A baptism is a washing away of sins by an anointing of water. A hair dryer dries away that water, removing that anointing.

We are committed to keeping all the information our users allow us to use on their behalf private. Any information is used in accordance with our strict Information Use Policy.  We encourage all our visitors to read that policy before giving us any of their personal information, so that they can make informed decisions.  And questions and concerns can be sent to us via our contact page.