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Atheist Bible Study

One of our clergy has been running a new project. It is called "Speaking In Random: An Atheist Reads the Bible".

This is his attempt to read the entirety of the most popular English language Bible and record his thoughts as he goes. With 1189 chapters to the NIV, this is a large task that is expected to take years.

At this point he is up to Genesis 27 in the blog (but has read much farther).

We wish Rev. Random all the luck in the world on his endevour.

Catholic Defection Changes has recently updated their information regarding the formal defection process from the Catholic Church. If you are considering leaving the Catholic Church, please read their information at "Suspension of the Defection Process" ,

Essentially, the Catholic Church has modified Canon Law to remove all references to the formal act of defection. It does not appear to be acting on any new requests for this process, which was essentially an annotation in the baptismal record.

It's important to remind everyone that the defection was never equal to a Debaptism, as the Catholic church does not recognize the concept (at least not since it burned witches). This is also not equal to excommunication.

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